Mr. English


-High School: Clements High School
-College: Stephen F. Austin State University
+Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
+Minor in Music
-Secondary Certification in Mathematics

About me:
This is my eighth year of teaching and teaching at Clements High School. This year I am teaching Honors Geometry and Honors Pre-Calculus. Other math subjects that I have taught over the past 6 years are Advanced Geometry, Advanced Algebra 2, Honors Algebra 2, and Advanced Pre-Calculus. Also this year is my fifth year to help out with the varsity football team by keeping track of the stats of the players.

Outside of school I enjoy playing golf, go bowling, play video games, play board games, cooking, catching a movie at the movie theater, watching football of all levels, watching baseball of all levels, and supporting my students when I can.

Gradesheet for Mr. English’s Class

+Mornings (7:00-7:20 am) on Monday and Thursday
+Afternoons (2:35-3:05 pm) on Monday
+In the classroom I do have something posted that I update on a daily basis to let students know if there are any additional days that I am available in my classroom for tutorials.
+If I am not available for tutorials, then the students are welcome to go to another math teacher if they are available.  For example the students can go to the other Pre-AP Geometry teacher Mr. Mahmood if he is available.



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